About Us

Candover Valley Coops is owned and run by Hugo and Amy in the Candover Valley, Hampshire. We have a shared passion for animals, with 2 dogs and 6 chickens of our own. In our 'spare' time, Hugo is a part-time airline pilot and Amy an equine Vet, the reason our coops are all named after racecourses!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is a simple one. We use the finest materials, refined designs and top craftsmanship to produce appealing, robust and long lasting coops. 

Having kept our own chickens for many years, we know what works well (and what doesn’t).  


All our coops have ample ventilation below the eave, fitted at both ends to allow for an airflow, then covered with a powder-coated wire mesh to prevent rodents gaining access.

We have designed our coops to be compatible with an internal automatic doorkeeper, an investment you will never regret, especially on those cold winter nights! 

All the latches, catches and hinges we use are heavy grade galvanised steel or black powder coated that will not bend and break but will last outside for many years.

Our Wood

We construct all our coops from slow-grown tanalised  pressure treated Scandinavian Redwood, with a 15 year treat right warranty. We use 45mmx45mm pressure treated batten for the coop carcassing. All our wood is FSC certified, guaranteeing it is not only from a renewable source, but that it comes from forests that are managed responsibly. Our wood is hand selected with only the straightest lengths being accepted. When we receive the wood, it is stored in our workshop for up to 6 weeks before manufacture to ensure it is completely dry before use and to minimize any risk of warping and shrinkage after construction.

Stokbord Recycled Plastic

We use 12mm Stokboard recycled black plastic for the flooring of all our coops, we also use it for our Pop hole sliding doors and nesting box dividers.

Stokbord is the perfect product for our coops, it is durable, non-absorbent (hygienic) and strong; it will not rot or rust. It does not require any treatment for weather and can withstand the roughest of treatments. It is easy to clean, you can even pressure wash it if required.

Stokboard is manufactured from recycled agricultural waste collected exclusively from farms in  the United Kingdom.

Nails and Screws

We use galvanised steel nails that will not rust, and double countersunk wax coated stainless steel screws on all external joins. Stainless steel is undoubtedly the best material for resisting rust and corrosion in screws. Other screws are only covered with a rust-resistant coating on the surface, which will break down or wear off over time. 

Looking after your coop

Although all the wood used in construction of our coops holds preservative qualities from pressure treatment, we recommend the timber is treated once a year to enhance its protection and water resistance. We recommend an annual coat of Protek Timber Eco-Shield Waterproof Wood Stain.