Chicken Coop Enclosures

goodwood run 1.jpg

Weld Mesh

We use very strong 16 gauge galvanised welded mesh for all our runs. The hole diameter is 1 sq. inch, small enough to keep the birds and rodents out.


Constructed from 45mm x 45mm treated grade A timber batten.

Under The Coop

The space underneath the coop is enclosed within the run, giving extra shelter and space for your chickens.


A large access door allows for easy cleaning and replacing food and water. A smaller chicken door allows you to let your chickens roam your garden when open. All doors will be fitted on the same side to the removable side on your coop. If you would prefer not to have a chicken door installed please let us know in the notes at checkout, or contact us to discuss any bespoke options you may require.


Simple to assemble and dismantle, consisting of 6 panels which are fixed together with 16 heavy duty bolts. An adjustable spanner is required for assembly.