The 25m Poultry Netting Kit.  

These chicken netting kits for poultry are designed for small scale chicken keepers in particular so that they can keep their hens safe from fox-attacks.

The 25m Netting Kit* includes a suitable energiser to cope with the inevitable leakage and also provide capacity for expansion.

The Chicken Netting for the 25m Kit includes 9 standard netting posts.  
The 25m Netting Kit is powered by the BX120 Midge energiser, which can be powered by either a 6v,9v or12v Leisure battery(Recommended)

* The 25 metre length of netting is approx. 82 ft, creates a Pen of approx 21ft x 21ft - 440 sq ft - or 39 sq metres. Please check your requirements before opening the kit, it cannot be returned once opened.

25 Meter Poultry Kit (Green)

  • 25m Poultry Netting with 9 standard posts
    BX120 Midge Energiser
    1m Earth Spike (attached to the Energiser)
    Warning sign

    Replacement post insulators

    Guide rope Pegs

    Assemble Instructions