The 50m Stockshop Poultry Netting Kit.  

The chicken netting kits for poultry are designed for small scale chicken keepers in particular so that they can keep their hens safe from fox-attacks.

The 50m Netting Kit* includes a suitable energiser to cope with the inevitable leakage and also provide capacity for expansion.

The Chicken Netting for the 50m Kit includes 15 standard netting posts.  
The 50m Netting Kit is powered by the BX140 Mosquito energiser, which can be powered by either a 6v,9v or12v Leisure battery(Recommended)


 * The 50 metre length of netting, is approx. 164 ft, giving approx 41ft x 41ft - 1680 sq ft - or 156 sq metres. Please check your requirements before opening the kit, it cannot be returned once opened.

50 Meter Poultry Kit (Green)

  • 50m Poultry Netting with 15 standard posts
    BX120 Mosquito Energiser
    1m Earth Spike (attached to the Energiser)
    Warning sign

    Replacement post insulators

    Guide rope Pegs

    Assemble Instructions