Electronic automatic free-standing feeder with storage container (capacity: approx. 10 l) with round trough (36 cm in diameter and 113 cm in circumference) - easy feeding-time and feeding-quantity programming


The FA2-10 automatic feeder is ideal when it comes to providing dry feed (e.g., grain, pellets and similar) to up to 15 pets (e.g., poultry, birds, cats, dogs, etc.). With it, food portion and feeding-time programming (for instance: three times 300 g daily) could not be easier.


Use of the FA-2 automatic feeder allows you to reduce the amount of food unintentionally given to mice, sparrows and similar animals. What is more, when your animals have finished their feed rations, they will also eat less tasty leftovers.

AXT Automatic 10 Litre Free-Standing Feeder

  • Function:

    At the time of feeding, the set food portion will trickle from the feed container into the integrated feeding trough.


    Technische Daten FA2-10:

    • Storage container diameter: Approx. 180 mm
    • Round trough diameter: Approx. 360 mm
    • Round trough circumference: Approx. 1,130 mm
    • Height: Approx. 630 mm
    • Storage container capacity: Approx. 10 l
    • Feeding intervals: Feeding possible every half hour, adjustable by timer
    • Feeding quantity: From approx. 15 g to approx. 600 g per feeding, adjustable via motor operating time
    • Batteries: 4 AA batteries (mignon cells), battery life: 1 to 5 years