The Goodwood Coop

A comfortable home for 4 large chickens, or 6 Bantams.

(Veterinary approved)

The Nesting Box


The box extends from the back of the coop, with a hinged lid for easy egg collection. the lid is attached by a pair of heavy duty galvanised hinges, with a hasp and staple latch to ensure predators cannot gain access. A black rubber storm strip prevents rainwater leaking through the join attaching the lid. Internally, it has a plastic divider to allow for two laying hens at a time.

Removable Side Panel

The large side panel is removable on one side, secured shut with 2 galvanised turn catches on the inside, easily accessed through the nesting box and front pop hole. Once removed there is plenty of space for cleaning.

The Ladder

The ladder is attached with a pair of heavy duty nuts and bolts, it can be easily removed for transport or cleaning without the need of a tool.

The Pop Door

The Pop door slides down from the inside of the coop, it is secured open from the back of the coop, via a rope and marine grade stainless steel carabiner shackle. We can install an AXT automatic doorkeeper discreetly on the inside of the coop, add it to your order at checkout and we will fit it free of charge.

The Floor

We use an unbeatable 12mm recycled black plastic known as Stokbord, which is a perfect product for our coops. Stokbord is incredibly hard wearing, durable, non-absorbent (hygienic) and strong; it requires no ongoing maintenance, and it can even be pressure washed if required. Stokbord is manufactured from recycled agricultural waste collected exclusively from farms in the United Kingdom. We also use Stokbord for the sliding door and nest box dividers. Stokbord is significantly better than the plywood used in many other coops, as it will not rot or rust over time and is resistant to chicken droppings, and much easier to deep clean!


Our coops are designed for easy cleaning in mind. The removable side is large, allowing for plenty of access when removed. The perch bars are removable to make it easier to clean the floor. The nesting area has a removable lip, when in place it will keep the bedding in place, and once removed makes it very easy to clean the individual nesting compartments. The stokbord plastic can be washed with detergent and water.

Add an Easy-Clean removable rubber mat for £19.95.


All wood used in our coops is pressure treated and of external grade. We use tanalised Scandinavian redwood shiplap cladding for the roofing, along with pressure treated 45mmx45mm batten timber for the carcassing of our coops.This combination of the finest quality wood and finish result in an outstanding ability to withstand the harshest of weather conditions for many years.